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new football table
new football table

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Do you already know the new Betarena match table with the results of the leading football matches? This is undoubtedly one more feature to assist you in your sports betting.

Betarena is undergoing a series of improvements, so we are increasingly present in the daily life of the gambler.

In addition to the news yet to come, we have increased the number of daily predictions, covering virtually every game in the major European leagues.

We also created a new space with tips for games, where you can find the best tips prepared by our experts.

New game table

In this new phase, we have created an incredibly functional game table that can be accessed from any device. Here you can see the top matches of the day and the live scores.

We want you to have a good experience tracking our predictions and articles. So you have a summary of the day right next to you when creating your strategy.

new football table
new football table

Simplified design

Our challenge has always been to deliver quality solutions. Therefore, we invest heavily in game table design to ensure user comfort.

That way, you won’t get confused with too much information when you want to check on the games of the day. Just take a look, and you will quickly find the information.

Navigation between days

At the top of the table, you have the option to choose the day for which you want to access the list of games. Thus, you quickly navigate to go to the selected date.

We present both past results and games that are expected for the following days. We have done everything to make sure the information you are looking for is at your fingertips.

Live games

In our new game table, it will be clear for you which games are currently playing. Information is passed in real-time without the need to refresh your browser.

Also, you have the option to view the games that are happening at that precise moment, because it is a live scoreboard with the main games. Results are updated as soon as a goal occurs in the match.

This makes it easy for you to access the information you need for your live bets while tracking content that only Betarena has.

Mobile devices

We believe the future is in mobile browsing, meaning that this is increasingly becoming the primary means of access. That’s why our platform is designed with ease of use in both phones and tablets.

If you are reading this article on our site via a mobile device, you have surely realized how easy it is to navigate here.

More information

Our table also highlights to you who is winning the match and the occurrence of any red card in the game. That way, you have the most essential information for your bets.

The idea is that you can follow the match while enjoying our content. That is, we want you to have as much information in one place, but in a clear, simplified and accurate way.

new football table
new football table

Speed and results update

Our games table has the best loading speed. This way, the results are updated accurately as the information becomes available.

So you have a flexible system to make the best decisions quickly and promptly. Follow your games with us in real-time!

Direct link to bookmakers

Also, for your convenience, we have placed a direct link to the games on the bookmaker’s site. That is, you do not have to do any additional searching to access the games you want to bet on.

Just click on the icon on the right to see more of this functionality of our system. See that everything was done thinking about the comfort of the gambler.

Championships ordering

We put the information arranged in a way that you have first access to the games of the main championships, so we prioritize the most relevant information for you.

Thus, the major leagues will always be in a prominent position without you having to do any previous setup. This work is on us.

But don’t worry, browse to find the match you are looking for, they are all arranged very intuitively, so you have the best experience.

Also, ordering works dynamically as it varies depending on the country from which you are accessing our site; that is, we deliver personalized content.

We also have the ordering of games by the start time of each, so you can plan what your day bets will be chronologically.

This is useful information for those who want to place multiple bets more accurately and consistently.

The best experience for you

The great advantage of Betarena is that we think as gamblers and for gamblers. All our staff has a lot of experience in the area, and we know what your needs are.

You can, for example, follow one of our predictions, then see live results and plan your bet according to the game schedule.

If you want to bet, just one click will get you to the game at the bookmaker. That is, we have prepared something simple, but that meets the needs of our visitors.

This is just one of the new things Betarena brings to you. We have worked hard to make your experience with us increasingly better.

Here you have the best content and amenities a gambler needs. We offer articles, weekly information, predictions, tips, live scores, and more.

Stay tuned, Betarena is always thinking of you to bring the best features and the best news!

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