Four teams already allowed more than 450 runs this season in MLB

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After almost 90 games for most MLB’s teams this season, just four of them allowed more than 450 runs. One of them has just reached the terrible mark of 500 one’s, until Friday’s games, on July 9.

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Even with the last win against Red Sox, Los Angeles Angels allowed four runs and has 451 runs allowed in 86 games, which results in 5,2 runs per game (-26 run differential). Even so, LA is improving last games, with an 8-2 streak in the last 10 games. 

With these results, the team has 44 wins and 42 losses (512 winning percentage). And even allowing one of the highest numbers of runs is the best team among the others below.

With a good win against Detroit Tigers, allowing just three runs, Minnesota Twins broke the losing sequence and has 463 runs allowed in 86 games, which results in 5,3 runs per game (-67 run differential). Twins also has a 3-7 streak, with 36 wins and 50 losses (419 winning percentage).  

The brutal loss against Toronto Blue Jays last game shows the reason for these numbers. Baltimore Orioles has allowed 475 runs in 86 games, which results in 5,5 runs per game (-120 run differential). Orioles has 28 wins and 58 losses this season (326 winning percentage), with a 4-6 streak.

National League

But no one of them has allowed more runs than Arizona Diamondbacks. With the last 9-3 losing against Colorado Rockies, the D-backs now have exactly 500 runs allowed in 89 games this season, resulting in 5,6 runs per game, with a -129 run differential – a negative league record. The team has a 3-7 streak, and it shows a little bit why the team has the worst retrospect of MLB, with 25 wins and 64 losses (281 winning percentage).

From the American League East and National League East and Central, none of the teams surpass this mark.

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