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football betting markets
football betting markets

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It’s not enough to pick a particular sport or any football betting markets and start betting as a lunatic, as if the world is necessarily going to fall at your feet…

The most important thing is to choose the proper betting markets, study those markets, learn about all their secrets and then wait for the best odds to come along.

We give you some help regarding the choice of football betting markets.

Nowadays, there’s no shortage of betting markets, which can be a bit confusing for rookie punters; experienced punters, on the other hand, see those offers as a chance to analyze and select betting markets and opportunities, in their quest for “perfect” odds. Get ready to know some secrets about how to pick betting markets and turn sports betting into a quick and easy way to make money.

However, picking the betting markets that best suit your strategy can be a hard task, since there’s an infinity of them.

And, believe us: the simplest mistake can mean failure.

As such, it’s important to start by studying each betting market, and especially those pertaining to football, which is probably the most valuable sports activity in terms of sports betting.

But how can we pick the right betting markets and the most interesting odds (value bets!)? By sticking to a certain set of “rules”.

Football betting: are you an expert?

First of all, we must be true experts, so we assume that you know everything there is to know about football.

Then, we need to focus on the competitions that we are more familiar with, and this involves knowing everything about teams, history, players, referees, coaches – everything!

You have to be a real expert, and you need to find it easy to spot and process data.

You should focus on no more than two football competitions like premier league betting, and particularly on those that you know full well. It seems quite easy, doesn’t it? But it’s not, because two competitions will only offer you a few hundred betting possibilities.

So, it’s crucial to know every single aspect about those competitions.

That’s the secret: if we know and analyze everything about every match, every team, every player and every set of data, then we’ll be able to choose the football betting markets we’re going to bet on, depending on how likely a certain outcome is.

Searching for the best odds in the football betting markets

Now, the challenge is to check every betting line, in order to spot value bets, that is, odds that are higher than they should be.

The secret is not to select a particular betting market from the start, but to see which betting markets, during a given match, offer you exceptionally good odds.

And you can find such opportunities quite commonly; you just have to keep your eyes open.

This occurs when bookies set odds wrongly or when they do not take certain variables into consideration.

That is, the betting sites do not have at their disposal the amount of information you do.

Then you just need to find the right odd at the right time and place your bet before your window of opportunity closes. This is the reward for your hard work, both as a researcher and as an analyst.

Ultimately, this is how we beat the odds and triumph over the betting sites.

Submit your bet int the right time

You are now ready to place your bets according to your previously set strategy, no matter if you’re a pre-match or a live punter or a trader.

You’ve found the right odd on the right betting market (final result, first scorer, handicap – whatever that market is).

For all intents and purposes, it’s the thorough study of all variables that will guide you on your way to successful betting.   

We’ll give you an example of how a proper study of variables is important to help you choose your betting markets and your bets.

Imagine that you find an interesting odd (one that is higher than it would normally be on a bookmaker of your own choosing) on the Over/Under market for a particular football match.

Such odd refers to the Under 1.5 market and gives strength to your analysis and conclusions: both teams have been playing badly, haven’t scored many goals in their latest matches and, worst of all, haven’t scored more than one goal per match in their last 3 matches.

As if this wasn’t enough, the weather forecast states that it will rain during the match, which will make the grass “heavier” than usual.

So, betting on the Under 1.5 market may be a smart move, since its respective odd is higher than usual, probably because it was set wrong by the betting site.

Before that odd suffers any change, you should bet.

Bet on Lesser-known competitions

Remember: as long as there is enough information about a certain competition and its respective matches, you can devote yourself to such competition, regardless of its nationality or importance.

It’s probable that you’ll find value bets more often while betting on these lesser-known competitions since the betting site won’t have enough information to set realistic odds.

If you put your effort into this enterprise, you’ll find way more than just a couple of value bets, which will give you the chance of placing accumulator bets, especially because you’ll be (relatively) guarded by cash out, which will give you the possibility of withdrawing a certain amount of money in case things aren’t going so well.

Note: resist the urge to bet on sports, matches and betting markets that you don’t know entirely well.

Do not waste your time with such possibilities: if they are outside your domain of competence, they’re not useful.

If the matches of your own choosing do not offer you any value bets, then it’s better not to bet at all…

How good is an odd that gives you no guarantees whatsoever?! The most important secret is this: find value bets, but do so in a disciplined, intelligent way.

And, on principle, any betting market can give you the possibility of finding value bets, so keep your options open.

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