Fixed Matches. The Lie Behind Them and How to Avoid Being Scammed

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Fixed Matches
Fixed Matches

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A friend of yours has told you about somebody who offers 100% fixed matches? You should better run! You could be about to fall for a scam!
If you are a punter who usually checks betting sites on Twitter and Facebook, you surely have seen those juicy offers with whooping odds promising you a big win with a 100% fixed match. Let’s see some truths about these fixed match betting tips.

Every Scam Begins with an Illusion

First of all, we’ve to be clear that there always have been fixed matches in sports. In fact, according to Darren small, from Sportradar, “around 300 games a year are fixed in Europe“. This is a company which, among other things, tracks betting patterns in sports events through Europe looking for possible signs of fixed games.

Then, there might be fixed matches, but that information is not at the reach of everybody. And if someone has it, I don’t think that person sells it online in exchange for some dollars, when he could make a fortune by placing a bet for his benefit.

Thus, that information is only available for the people that fix the game. Besides, these illegal facts occur usually in lower-level and little knew leagues, and in non-common sports, where is possible to control results.

So, betting on fixed matches can be profitable for reduced circles of persons. But, for most sports bettors, it is only a scam.

There are many Facebook pages and doubtful websites that take advantage of the existence of fixed matches to scam punters who desire privileged information to make “the big winning bet”.

The fixed matches scam revealed

And here is how these scammers pretend to stole money from your pocket.

They use social media sites like Facebook to reach a significant amount of people. Let’s say 300 bettors anxious for a sure bet prediction for which they’ll only have to pay after they win your bet! That sounds good … and there’s where the trick is.

Then, these scammers divide the 300 punters into 3 groups of 100 people each and these groups will receive free betting tips 1×2. They’ll say to one group that the home team will win, and to another group, they’ll say the visitor team will win. Similarly, they’ll say to the final group the game will end in a draw. In the end, the match outcome doesn’t matter.

This way, there will be 2 losing groups and one winner group at the end of the match. The scammers will cut off communication with the losing bettors’ groups and will focus their bad intentions on the unsuspecting group of winner punters.

The scammers will again offer sure bet predictions on new supposed 100% fixed matches. But, this time they will charge in advance the punters, who will be willing to pay since they think they have found the great fixed matches guru!

The scammers will, in turn, divide this group of 100 people into 3 subgroups and will continue repeating the process by tricking people into each repetition. Those who win will be lucky. But, others will lose a lot of money that will go to the scammers’ pockets.

Now, you know what are the real intentions behind those 100% fixed games Facebook posts.

Best prevention methods to avoid being scammed

A lot of experienced bettors can recognize these scams. But, there’re also a lot of newbie punters who can be caught by these delinquents. So, to avoid being scammed here is a list of things you should have in mind:

• Beware of betting groups claiming Fixed Matches! These groups will try to catch your attention with awesome offers. Go way if they appear in your Facebook timeline. Instead, you should prefer to look for betting tips on recognized sites that predict football matches correctly.
• Do not believe in fast winnings. Like everything in life, there are no easy and magic ways to win money. Do you want to be a profitable bettor? Then, you have to obtain good information from real sports bettor sites.
• These scammers run their business in networks such as Facebook or Twitter, and they present a generic profile.
• These “fabulous” betting tips always include the phrase “100% fixed match”.
• Typically, these scammers don’t show historic data about their tips results. Furthermore, they offer their “sure bet predictions” on obscure leagues and non-common sports to go unnoticed.

Likewise, you should also avoid betting in international games between Under 19s squads. In these games usually, you see big teams losing in games against little teams, which makes them attractive for scammers and fixers. Then, avoid placing your wagers in these games.

Choose good predictions sites like Betarena

Fixed Matches mobile site

If you want to be profitable you have to think in the long term and get the best betting information. In this sense, you can get well-analyzed free betting tips from the expert punters community that runs.

You’ll find in bonuses, trends, stats, news, and up-to-date valuable information on injuries and player transfers. In fact, Betarena is an outstanding site that predicts football matches correctly; you’ll be there side to side with genuine sports betting tipsters.


Finally, we have to recognize that fixed matches exist. But, you have to be aware of shady Facebook sites offering whooping offers for today’s match predictions through you could win fortunes. Most likely, you’ll be falling in a scam.

Being profitable as a sports bettor is an activity that requires knowledge and good information. So, if you join the best real sports tipsters, like, you’ll get the best information for your wagers.

So, the next time you see one of those Facebook fixed matches posts go away from them and look for the best betting information on

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