Find out which teams have received the most warning cards in MLS this season

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cards in MLS
cards in MLS

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Major League Soccer already has more than a month of disputes. Although it’s still at the beginning, it is possible to highlight some teams and point out the leaders in certain statistics. One of them comes from punishments with yellow cards. Four teams, so far, stand out (negatively) by being the teams that received more warnings in the MLS.

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The following teams are the ones that reached and/or surpassed the 17th punishment mark, being thus recognized as the most undisciplined teams. The teams appear in different situations on the table. This may mean that the cards received do not follow an exact science when it comes to placement, but game style.

Inter Miami leads the ranking of warning cards in Major League Soccer

Inter Miami heads the ranking of cards in the MLS at the beginning of this championship. The current season is only the second in the Florida team’s short history. Currently, the team is ranked 11th in the Eastern Conference, with just eight points won. However, with 20 warnings received, it tops the list of most undisciplined teams.

That’s on average 2.5 cards per game in MLS. It is worth mentioning the number of warnings received by Inter Miami in the penultimate match of the team. In the 1-0 loss to Chicago Fire, the Florida team finished the game with six penalties. The team’s matches tend to have a high number of warnings by cards. Hence, Bet365’s odds regarding this issue could be profitable.

Houston Dynamo sees the average warnings received grow

Current fifth place in the MLS Western Conference, with 11 points, the Houston Dynamo took last weekend, the runner-up in the ranking of cards received in the tournament. With three warnings on the setback for Sporting Kansas City, by 3×2, the team reached the 18th penalty in the championship. With eight matches played (like most rivals), the team’s average is 2.25 yellow cards per game.

Interestingly, like Inter Miami, which tops the yellow card list, Houston Dynamo has yet to have any player expelled from the competition. Unfortunately for punters, the two teams will not face each other during this regular season. However, in both cases, it is worth keeping an eye on the card situation anytime one of them is on the field.

San Jose Earthquakes has a significant average of punishments

Owner of the roughest matches in the competition, San Jose is also at the top of the ranking of cards. The team that has already scored 11 goals in the tournament, and conceded 12 goals, has already received 17 cards at the beginning of the season. Earthquakes have an average of 2.1 warnings per game played. The team, which currently ranks sixth in the Western Conference, took cards in every game.

In addition to the yellow cards received, the team also had an expulsion from the MLS. The only red card came in a 3-1 victory over Dallas. The team has been through rough games, and it is not by chance that they have similar numbers of goals. Thus, it is possible to associate the number of cards with the hype on the San Jose Earthquakes scoreboards, which can bring very interesting quotes.

Philadelphia Union rounds out the list of teams with more warning cards

Third in the MLS card ranking is the Philadelphia Union. The team is the best placed in the Major League ranking among the top three teams with most punishments. Currently, it occupies the vice-leadership of the Eastern Conference, with 14 points added. The team has been very economical defensively and offensively. However, it has abused the yellow cards.

So far there have been 17 punishments, similarly to the San Jose Earthquakes. The average of 2.1 cards per game could have some weight in the fight for victory. Philadelphia also received a red card in the MLS. At the time, defeated by the New York Red Bulls, by 2-0, Martínez was expelled in the 16th minute, jeopardizing the team for the remainder of the match.

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