Figueirense vs América-MG Betting Tip and Prediction

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Figueirense vs América-MG Betting Tip and Prediction
Figueirense vs América-MG Betting Tip and Prediction

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Figueirense vs América-MG for the Brazilian Serie B championship match on Saturday at Orlando Scarpelli Stadium.

The Figueirense vs América-MG prediction brings you another proper analysis. This match is valid for round 28 of Brasileirão Serie B. Teams are preparing to enter the pitch Saturday, 12/12/2019.

We also made our free tip at the end of the post.


The Figueirense team is the big negative highlight of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship. So everyone expected better participation of the team in the tournament.

The team’s tragedy began around the 10th round of the competition when it occupied 6th place.

Thus, it came in free fall, losing positions each round until parking in the last place, where they have been in the previous 5 rounds.

However, extra-pitch factors influenced the team situation, which affected the players and coaching staff, who became apathetic on the pitch.

Anyway, the team needs to react, but the solution to their problems still seems far away.


The team of América-MG is the great sensation of the championship at this moment. So it came in an incredible recovery until it reached the qualifying zone for Serie A, where it is in 4th place.

Not even the most passionate fan expected the team’s achievement when they were in the last place 14 rounds ago.

However, after that, it was a sequence of positive results. In the last 15 games, there have been 10 wins, 4 draws and only one loss.

The team is the leader of the championship if we consider only the second turn, that is, showing well that it can go far.

In their last match, they won playing at home nothing less than the current championship leader, Bragantino, by 2 to 0.


In the Figueirense vs América-MG prediction, we have the tendency that the pace of the game will be imposed by the away team.

No doubt América-MG is in better shape, while Figueirense has nowhere else to fall.

In the free tip for the match, we have no doubt in taking advantage of the excellent odds that are being paid for the victory of América-MG over Figueirense.

So, see our betting tip below.

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1 X 2 FT - Bet: América - Odds: 2.20

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