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FC Den Bosch vs NAC Breda betting tip 2021/2022 – Picks and Predictions for the Eerste Divisie match on December 03th, 2021

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Eerste Divisie Netherlands

FC Den Bosch and NAC Breda will on Friday, December 03th, 2021 play in a Eerste Divisie football game in Netherlands, check the FC Den Bosch vs NAC Breda betting tip 2021/2022 to win with your bets.

Stadium and City where FC Den Bosch vs NAC Breda will occur

The game will be played in the small Stadion De Vliert stadium, in the city of Den Bosch, with a capacity for 9000 spectators, that will try to help the team achieve a positive result.

Where to follow the live game

At Betarena, you can find everything about the match live, including statistics, events, odds, and everything else that can help with your sports betting.

Introduction to the FC Den Bosch vs NAC Breda betting tip 2021/2022

FC Den Bosch come from a defeat in the last match. The game against FC Volendam, valid for the Eerste Divisie, ended with a 3-0. The team coached by J. de Gier entered the field in the last match with a 4-2-3-1 formation.

The team’s defensive line was far from their best in the contest. Jordy van der Winden had a terrible performance, failed at crucial moments, and became one of the leading players responsible for the negative result.

On the other hand, the visiting team arrives at this match after a victory in the last round. In a dispute valid for Eerste Divisie, NAC Breda, who used a 4-2-3-1 formation, faced the Helmond Sport team with a final score of 1-0.

With fantastic performance, Thom Haye was the big name in the team’s victory. Responsible for NAC Breda’s best moments, the midfield was a real executioner of the rival in the duel, including, with assistance for goal.

The last time these teams met was for a Club Friendlies match, on 2021-07-17, referring to the 2021 season, which ended with a victory of the NAC Breda team by 2-1.

FC Den Bosch

Current leaderboard

With 25 points won, FC Den Bosch is in 8th place on the leaderboard, which leaves the team in the Promotion Play-off zone. The team’s campaign so far is 8 wins against 8 losses, plus 1 draw.

FC Den Bosch analysis

The FC Den Bosch team comes from a defeat, and its coach Jack de Gier wants to counter this trend by imposing a loss on his opponent, using the advantage of playing at home.

While they’ve won twice as the visiting team, this team proves that there is such a thing as a home-court advantage with their record of 6 wins, 3 losses, and 0 draws.

FC Den Bosch’s featured Player

Many of the team’s goals in the league should also be credited to the midfielder of FC Den Bosch, S. Ahannach. He has been responsible for 4 assists to goal in the competition so far.

Best goalscorer from FC Den Bosch

In the individual highlights of the team in the offensive sector, the focus falls on Roy Kuijpers so far in the competition. With 9 goals with his signature, the Attacker has helped his team FC Den Bosch to achieve victorious results this season.

Historical data FC Den Bosch

With 4 titles won in the history of the tournament, FC Den Bosch team is one of the competition’s leading names. The record of the team will impact the final outcome of the match and it will not be the first time the team has managed to impress their opponents with a win at a time when they are in bad shape.

NAC Breda

Current leaderboard

NAC Breda arrives in this game with 23 points, and in 10th place in the Eerste Divisie, having won 6 games in total and lost 6 times, making a total of 5 draws.

NAC Breda analysis

NAC Breda’s featured player

Many of the team’s positive results in the competition have been possible thanks to N. Olij. The NAC Breda goalkeeper has had exceptional performances this season and was instrumental in many moments.

Best goalscorer from the NAC Breda

At the individual level, in this competition’s offensive sector, it is worth mentioning Ralf Seuntjens. The Attacker has already scored 9 goals in the competition, being extremely important for NAC Breda, who have benefited from his performances several times to achieve essential triumphs.

For bettors some entries may be relevant for this game, namely:

Score market betting suggestions

The best time to place bets is between 75-90 minutes as some study have shown this to be where most goals happen.

Corners market betting suggestions

One should consider that the combined number of corners of both teams will give an average of 4.85 corners per game if one would like to have good betting results.

Cards market betting suggestions

On the NAC Breda side, we know that it is a more aggressive team having received the red card twice this season, very different from FC Den Bosch who only saw the red card once. Both the red and yellow cards market can be a good bet.

These teams have an average of 2.72 yellow cards, probably an interesting betting market to watch out for.

Take advantage of the best betting markets and start winning!

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FC Den Bosch vs NAC Breda betting tip 2021/2022: FAQ

When does the match between FC Den Bosch vs. NAC Breda take place?

The match will be played on December 03th, 2021, Friday.

In which stadium and city does FC Den Bosch vs NAC Breda play?

The match will take place at the Stadion De Vliert stadium in Den Bosch.

What was the previous result between the teams?

The last time these teams faced each other was in Club Friendlies match, referring to the 2021 season, and ended with a 2-1 result for NAC Breda.

What is the best bet for goals?

For this match, the probability indicates that the net is more likely to swing between 75-90 minutes.

Which bookmaker has the best odds for this game?

The bookmaker with the best odds for this match is Bet365!

Betting tip generated by artificial intelligence

Betting tip generated by Artificial intelligence, through NLG technology. Betarena prepares the betting tips based on the data collected over the years, and duly analyzed by our AI system, in order to increase the odds of return on sports betting.

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