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Even with the loss, Shohei Ohtani hit his 34th Home Run this season

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Even with the last Sunday lost, on July 18, against Seattle Mariners, Shohei Ohtani hit another Home Run this season for Los Angeles Angels. The game happened at Angel Stadium and end with a 7-4 loss.

Now, Ohtani has 34 Home Runs in 89 games played and leads these stats. It is like he hits a HR per 2,61 games in this year. He is followed to close by Vladimir Guerrero Jr, from Toronto Blue Jays, with 31 HR in 91 games.

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Fernando Tatis Jr, from San Diego Padres, with 28 Home Runs in 77 games, Matt Olson, from Oakland Athletics, with 25 HR in 91 games, and Kyle Schwarber, from Washington Nationals, with 25 in 72 games, completed the top five.

Other seasons

Last season, despite shortest than usual, by Covid-19, Luke Voit, from New York Yankees, was the Home Run Leader, with 22 in just 56 games, averaging a HR per 2,54 games, which is a good number, despite much fewer matches. Voit was followed by Jose Abreu, with 29 HR, and Marcell Ozuna, with 18. Both of them played 60 games in the 2020 season.

But if we compare with a regular season, like in 2019, Ohtani has excellent numbers. Pete Alonso, from Mets, reached 53 HR in 161 games, which results in a Home Run per 3,03 games. In second place was Eugenio Suarez, with 43 in 159 opportunities, and Jorge Soler, with 48 HR 162 appearances.

The current Home Runs record belongs to Barry Bonds when he hits 73 ones in 153 games in 2001 for San Diego Giants. It is one HR per 2,09 games. Will Ohtani overcame this number? He will have to work hard for it and hits 39 HR in the last 73 games – not an easy mission.

Home Runs from the better teams

But even with the great Shohei Ohtani numbers, the Angels aren’t enjoying the star and aren’t making a good season. They have 46 wins and 47 losses, and it is in fourth place from the AL West Division and just in 10th place from the conference.

And this is not exclusive to them. Just one of the Home Runs top 10 leaders belongs to a Division leader. Rafael Devers, from Boston Red Sox, has 23 HR. The team has 57 wins and 37 losses and led the AL East.

Al these numbers show that an amazing player isn’t enough to go to the Playoffs. So, these teams will have to work hard to improve the results. All the stats here are until Tuesday’s games, on July 20.

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