Estonia vs Netherlands Betting Tip and Prediction

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Estonia vs Netherlands Betting Tip and Prediction
Estonia vs Netherlands Betting Tip and Prediction

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Estonia vs Netherlands for the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifiers match on Monday at A. Le Coq Arena Stadium.

For the prediction, Estonia vs Netherlands has presented two teams with a tremendous technical difference between them. The match takes place on Monday through the Euro 2020 Qualifying round, with Estonia playing as hosts.

As said, this is a meeting where the Netherlands is a big favourite. Even as a visitor, the squad is far superior to that of Estonia. Thus, we will have an unbalanced game where many goals can be scored by the visitor, but only if they decide to attack.

The Netherlands consistently play for one of the two Group C openings. The Estonian side has yet to score points after four matches, unlikely to have a chance to go to Euro 2020, but that was expected.


The Estonian team comes from a 2-0 loss to Belarus at home. A game in which the home factor did not help the team. The game showed a positive balance, but Estonia did not come close to attack and did not create many real scoring opportunities, so they only shot on goal twice.

However, in their last game against a Dutch-level team, when they faced Germany at home, the team suffered a shameful 8-0 win. The team hardly entered the pitch.

Thus, the team has not won a home match in 7 games, being 5 losses and 2 draws. In the competition has not scored any points, in this case, conceded 14 goals and scored only 2. Thus, the limitations of the team are clear.


The Netherlands team enters the pitch with the obligation of victory and complete control of the game. Since they can’t consider losing 3 points in one of the most accessible matches in their group. Thus, the team has clear chances of classification if we analyse its direct opponents.

In fact, Friday’s game had an outstanding performance beating Germany 4 × 2 away. An unexpected result for a match that should be extremely balanced, however, the Dutch attack and its tactical organisation made the difference.

The team won what is their most prominent opponent within the group, so it can be said that forwarded their classification, as they had lost their first meeting with the Germans 2 × 1 in May.

The team made only 3 matches for the group due to their participation in the UEFA League of Nations final. Thus, adding 6 points, having scored 10 goals and conceded 5.


For games where there is a super favourite, you have to evaluate what will be the position of the pitch. That is, will you come in to win and manage the game or will you play everything you can. In the case of the Netherlands, we have an essential point for analysis.

Germany is the direct opponent of the Netherlands in the group. Thus, both teams may tie in the table, as it was a win for each side in their two matches. In this case, Germany has the best goal balance, mainly because it beat Estonia itself by 8 × 0.

However, the tiebreaker of the competition is the direct confrontation, where the Netherlands takes advantage in the goal balance, that is, the aggregate score of the two matches is 5 × 4 for the Dutch. Thus, there is no reason for the Dutch to strive for an elastic victory.

In this case, we are talking about a team that played everything they could on their last meeting to beat the Germans. That is, the team certainly felt the physical wear and tear.

Considering all this, the tendency is that the game has few goals.

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