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Eleven qualified teams and five open spots on UEFA Champions League

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The matchday 5 was decisive for many UEFA Champions League Teams, on Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24. Eleven teams are already qualified, while five spots are still open, and we will have to wait for the last round to see it. The previous games will be on December 7 and 8.

Bayern de München, Liverpool, and Ajax are standing out among the qualified teams with five wins. Manchester City, Real Madrid, Juventus, and Chelsea are also making a good UCL, with 12 points. Paris Saint-Germain, Sporting, Internazionale Milano, and Manchester United complete the list.

From the teams ahead, City, Liverpool, Ajax, Bayern, and United are clinched first place from the group and can already think about the round of 16, waiting for their opponent.

Open spots

As we said before, five spots are still open, and 11 teams still have chances. From the four groups where the situation isn’t defined, Group B e G stand out as the tighter.

On the first one, three teams run for one spot: Porto, with five points, followed by Milan and Atlético the Madrid, both with four. On matchday 6, Porto will play against Atlético at Estádio do Dragão and need a single win to advance. In contrast, Milan will play at San Siro against the first-placed Liverpool.

To advance, Milan needs to win by the same goals of a difference as Atlético (if they defeat Porto) or root for they tie the game. On the other hand, Atlético needs to beat Porto and root for Liverpool to win or tie the match against Milan. If Milan wins, Atlético needs to beat Porto by three or more goals to improve the teams’ goal difference. Example: If Milan wins by 1 – 0, Atlético has to win by 3 – 0.

On the other hand, in Group G, the four teams still have chances to advance. Lille is in the first place, with eight points, and Wolfsburg in fourth, with five. They will play at Wolfsburg Arena.

The winner will advance, and Lille does do so also with a drawn. The other game will be between Salzburg (second-placed with 7) and Sevilla, in third, with 6. Salzburg needs to tie or win the challenge, while for Sevilla, only the winning matter.

According to Bovada, Wolfsburg has -105 odds to defeat Lille and Sevilla has +135 odds to beat Red Bull Salzburg.

On Group F, with only one spot remaining, the second and third-placed Villareal and Atlanta will play at Stadio de Bergamo. Atalanta needs to win for advance. For Bovada, Atalanta is the favorite and has -115 odds to defeat Villareal.

On Group E, the last spot will go for Barcelona, with seven points, or Benfica, with five. According to Bovada, Benfica has -280 odds to beat Dynamo Kyiv at home, and Bayer has -135 to defeat Barcelona. If it happens, Benfica will advance.


Bayern has the best offense among all the teams, with 19 goals (almost four for a match), and the striker, Lewandowski, with nine goals – the same as Haller, from Ajax. On the other hand, Chelsea has the best defense, with only one goal against.

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