Dodgers and Red Sox won and will join the other teams at the playoffs

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Los Angeles Dodgers (2)
Los Angeles Dodgers (2)

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The Wild Card is gone, so we already have the playoffs bracket completed. The games will start this Thursday, 7, with the four teams from the American League playing.

Both with better retrospect, Los Angeles Dodgers (4) and Boston Red Sox (4) won their games, enjoying the advantage of playing at home and joining the other teams at the MLB playoffs.

Boston defeated New York Yankees on Tuesday 5, by 6 – 2 (Schwarber 2, Hernández, Devers, and Bogaerts 2 scored for Red Sox, while Rizzo and Stanton reduced the difference).

On the other hand, the Dodgers had a more complex game against St. Louis Cardinals than we could imagine, on Wednesday 6, and the LA supporters could celebrate only in the end. Edman made first for the Cardinals, and after that, Turner, Bellinger, and Taylor did it for Dodgers in a comeback 3 – 1 win.

American League

Boston finished the regular season in second place from the East, with 92 wins and 70 losses (568 winning percentage) with 829 runs scored and 749 against. The opponent now is another franchise from the same division, Tampa Bay Rays. The best team from the AL, with 100 wins, 62 losses, 857 runs scored – conference record and 651 against (second lower).

  • October 7 – White Sox @ Astros
  • October 8 – White Sox @ Astros
  • October 10 – Astros @ White Sox
  • October 11 – Astros @ White Sox*
  • October 13 – White Sox @ Astros*

The other game in the NL will be between two division champions: Chicago White Sox and Houston Astros. Chicago had 93 wins and 69 losses and got the Central title. At the same time, Houston was the West Champion, with 95 victories and 67 defeats.

  • October 7 – Red Sox @ Rays
  • October 8 – Red Sox @ Rays
  • October 10 – Rays @ Red Sox
  • October 11 – Rays @ Red Sox*
  • October 13 – Red Sox @ Rays*

National League

Los Angeles Dodgers was the second-best team from all the league this season but has the bad luck to belong to the West division – the same from San Francisco Giants, which will be the adversary now.

Only one win separated both teams in the regular season. The Dodgers had 106 wins and 56 losses, 830 runs scored – NL record and 561 runs against – best defense from the league. Now they will try to advance, to repeat 2020, with the World Series title.

But the rival is San Francisco Giants, the best team from the season, with 107 wins and 594 losses. It will probably be the most levelheaded matches.

  • October 8 – Dodgers @ Giants
  • October 9 – Dodgers @ Giants
  • October 11 – Giants @ Dodgers
  • October 12 – Giants @ Dodgers*
  • October 14 – Dodgers @ Giants*

Los Angeles Dodgers is the favorite to National League title, according to Bovada, with +125 odds.

The last challenge in the NLDS is between Atlanta Braves – East Champion, with 88 wins and 73 losses, and Milwaukee Brewers – Central Champion, with 95 victories and 67 defeats.

  • October 8 – Braves @ Brewers
  • October 9 – Braves @ Brewers
  • October 11 – Brewers @ Braves
  • October 12 – Brewers @ Braves*
  • October 14 – Braves @ Brewers*

*If necessary

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