Dallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins Predictions and Betting Tips

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Dallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins Predictions and Betting Tips
Dallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins Predictions and Betting Tips

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Dallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins for the NFL season match on Sunday at AT&T Stadium.

We present the Dallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins prediction for the 3rd week of the NFL. The match will be held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington this Sunday.

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Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys team debuted well this NFL season, starting with two wins. The first up from the New York Giants (35:17) and the second over the Washington Redskins (21:31).

However, in the first match, they delivered the 18-point advantage when the odds had a -7 point spread — an unexpected result. But the Giants lost control of the game in the 2nd quarter and took 2 TD, losing by (14:0). After that, the Cowboys won by (14:3) in the 3rd quarter.

Thus, arrived at the second match determined to repeat the excellent presentation. However, they found the Redskins team with a more organized defence. Therefore, it won by 10 points when it had a spread of -6.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins team starts the third week of the NFL trying to beat their 0-0-2, results that put the team as the worst defence of the championship and last place of the American Conference.

Thus, are incredible 102 points conceded, against only ten scored. The defeat of the first week went to the Ravens (10:59) then it was the Patriots turn to apply the (0:43) victory.

Undoubtedly the team is unbalanced, even with all the favouritism that weighed on the opponent’s side, it was expected a little more from the team.

Against the Patriots were only 42 running yards and 142 aerials, besides noting four stray balls and seven punts.


This is another game where the Dolphins play against a super favourite. Cowboys have odds starting at 1/30. That is, a victory announced.

The spread for the game line is -22, an advantage that Cowboys can easily overcome if they play all they can.

For scoring the odds have their balance on the 47 point range. This seems a bit incompatible with the game route. For in this score, surely the Cowboys would have a more significant advantage than the spread.

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Total Points - Under 47 - Odds: 20/21

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