CFR Cluj vs Astana Betting Tip and Prediction

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CFR Cluj vs Astana Betting Tip and Prediction
CFR Cluj vs Astana Betting Tip and Prediction

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CFR Cluj vs Astana for the Champions League qualification match on Wednesday at Dr Constantin Rădulescu Stadium.

CFR Cluj

Cluj lost in the first match but had fifteen attempts on goal in the game held at Astana Arena. The Romanians won three games of the last four played at home in Champions League, but in this case against Astana who feels some difficulties when playing away, the hosts will likely be the winners of this encounter, provided they have a performance similar to the first leg.

Cluj is hoping for a positive result in Romania, to make their fans happy, despite losing their first match, they have an excellent chance to go through another round. The Romanians made the first game of the championship at home against Poli Iasi and didn’t go beyond a 1-1 draw, where they’ve shown an average performance.

It was another disappointment for their supporters since at the start of the season the team lost to Viutorul Constanta the Super Cup of Romania. In this early season, the triumphs that the team achieved, were in friendly games. The new signing Luis Aurelio will probably play in the starting eleven, as well as Mateo Susic.


Astana managed to win the first meeting with a goal in the final minutes, thus taking an essential step towards the second qualifying round of the Champions League. The Kazakes are determined to defend the lean advantage, and I am convinced that they will adopt a more defensive stance.

Astana team is very moralized, and now the whole of Kazakhstan want’s them to do better in foreign lands. Astana had no game for the national league of their country this weekend, having prepared this game in the best way that suits them. In the Kazakhstan championship, they have thirty-eight points, the result of 12 wins, two draws and five defeats, but were overtaken by Tobol, who is ahead of the leaderboard.

Astana is one of the strongest teams in their country, and with the championship won in 2019, they sum fifth consecutive wins. Astana is expected to keep the same team that beat Cluj last week.

It is not yet clear what strategy Astana will choose for this match. The Kazakhstan squad will probably play more defensive and look for the error of the opponent. The Romanians have to play offensive football in search of the goal, and this can be fatal to them.

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