Ceará vs Santos Betting Tip and Prediction

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Ceará vs Santos Betting Tip and Prediction
Ceará vs Santos Betting Tip and Prediction

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Ceará vs Santos, Sunday’s match for the seventh round of the Brazilian Series A Championship.


2 to 1 was the score of the victories of the Vozão against the Grêmio and Avaí in the previous rounds. When reaching the nine-point level, Ceará climbed to ninth place in the Brazilian Championship standings, breaking a series of three straight losses.

They will now have two consecutive home games. Beyond Santos, they will also receive Bahia. For the first of these clashes, coach Enderson Moreira will not be able to count with the midfielder Wescley.

The player, who suffered a thigh muscle injury, was released to resume training. However, he experience pain again in the same place and had to resume treatment. He hasn’t played since April 6, when he was on the pitch against Náutico for the Copa do Nordeste.

With 11 points, Santos started the dispute of the seventh round in the fifth position of the table of classification of the Brasileirão 2019.


Santos sustained, due to backstage actions, three possible casualties that they would have available for the meeting of this Sunday in the capital of Ceará.

Midfielder and striker Rodrigo, who had been called to play for the Toulon Tournament by the Brazilian national team, wasn’t released by the club. The “Peixe” had no obligation to let him go, since the competition is friendly and is not part of FIFA’s official calendar.

However, the same does not happen in relation to the Copa América that will be played in Brazil. Peruvian midfielder Cueva and striker Derlis González of Paraguay were called up by their national team.

The club, however, got the athletes’ submission postponed to Monday, June 3. Thus, they will be at the disposal of coach Jorge Sampaoli for the confrontation before Ceará.

Colombian defender Felipe Aguilar, Uruguayan midfielder Carlos Sánchez and Venezuelan striker Soteldo, who were on the previous list of 40 players presented by their teams, were not included in the final list of 23 athletes. Thus, they continue in Vila Belmiro. Soteldo, however, cannot play on Sunday. He is suspended, as well as Bruno Henrique and Diego Pituca, other casualties for the encounter.

The two teams have shown solid game standards. Although Santos has technical superiority this will be balanced due to the players unavailable and the house factor.

Thus, the prognostic in a draw is a good option for the confrontation of this Sunday for the seventh round of the Brazilian Championship.

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