Burnley vs Manchester City Betting Tip and Prediction

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Burnley vs Manchester City Betting Tip and Prediction
Burnley vs Manchester City Betting Tip and Prediction

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Burnley vs Manchester City for the English Premier League championship match on Tuesday at Turf Moor Stadium.

On the pitch, we have the 15th round of the Premier League, so be sure to stay tuned this Tuesday, 12/12/2019, in the Burnley vs Manchester City prediction.

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In 10th place in the Premier League table, Burnley has achieved 18 points out of 14 games.

The team makes matches with 2.8 goals on average in total. That is, conceded 20 goals in the championship, which represents an average of 1.4. Also, it scored 20 goals, an average of 1.4 per game.

There were a total of 4 losses in 6 matches, and there were two wins and no draws, which shows that the team stage is not good.

Burnley’s last match was at home against Crystal Palace and ended in a 2-0 loss.

Manchester City

The team records a win, three draws and a loss in its last five games, which shows this irregular phase that the group lives. However, it is possible to achieve better results.

In its last match, the Manchester City team faced Newcastle away and ended with a 2-2 draw.

The team conceded a total of 16 league goals and has scored 39 times. That is an average of 2.8 goals scored and 1.1 conceded goals.

In the Premier League standings, it is currently in 3rd place after 14 games, so Manchester City already has 29 points.


In the Burnley vs Manchester City prediction, the visiting team will be on the pitch as a favorite, but it has to preserve itself to avoid any surprise on the pitch, as it has already shown some flaws in its defense.

A high amount of goals is likely as there is a big gap between the Manchester City attack and the Burnley defense, who can hardly hold on.

Burnley may try to defend itself, but by the end of the game, Manchester City favoritism should prevail. That way, we can have a relatively easy win.

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