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Brondby vs Olympique Lyonnais betting tip 2021/2022 – Picks and Predictions for the Europa League match on November 25th, 2021

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Brondby and Olympique Lyonnais will play on Thursday, November 25th, 2021, in a Europa League game to be held in Brøndby, check the Brondby vs Olympique Lyonnais betting tip and prediction to win with your bets.

Stadium and City where Brondby vs Olympique Lyonnais will occur

The game takes place in the Brøndby Stadion stadium, in the city of Brøndby, with a capacity for 29000 spectators, that will try to help the team achieve a positive result.

Where to follow the live game

Take the opportunity to check out the match live in Betarena, bringing much information to your bets, including statistics, events, and odds.

Introduction to the Brondby vs Olympique Lyonnais betting tip 2021/2022

The Europa League competition is in the Group Stage.

Brondby come from a victory in the last match. The game against Midtjylland, valid for the Superliga, ended with a 1-2. The team coached by N. Frederiksen entered the field in the last match with a 3-1-4-2 formation.

It can be said that the 2 goals scored by Mikael Uhre in the match were crucial to the victory of Brondby. Thanks to his goals, the team managed to guarantee a positive result and fulfill the match’s objective.

On the other hand, the visiting team arrives at this match after a defeat in the last round. In a dispute valid for Ligue 1, Olympique Lyonnais, who used a 4-3-3 formation, faced the Rennes team with a final score of 4-1.

The team’s defensive line was far from their best in the contest. Léo Dubois had a terrible performance, failed at crucial moments, and became one of the leading players responsible for the negative result.

The Olympique Lyonnais team has accomplished more consistent results in the past five games, than Brondby its counterpart.

At this point in the tournament, the Group A has a scenario that places Olympique Lyonnais as the leader with Rangers right behind, Sparta Praha in the third position, and Brondby as the last place. Right now, Olympique Lyonnais and Rangers would be qualified for the Round of 32. With just 2 more rounds on the group stage, Olympique Lyonnais is the only team that already guaranteed a presence in the playoffs, while the rest of the Group A teams are disputing for the other spot.

The last time these teams met was for a Europa League match, on 2021-09-30, referring to the 2021/2022 season, which ended with a victory of the Olympique Lyonnais team by 3-0.


Current leaderboard

Being in 4th place of Group A in the Europa League, Brondby have so far collected two points, by securing 0 wins, and having suffered 2 losses, in addition to a total of 2 draws.

Brondby analysis

Brondby’s featured Player

Even though the team is not one of the leading names in the championship, Josip Radošević has attracted attention. With impressive performances, his a key player in the Brondby squad.

Olympique Lyonnais

Current leaderboard

Olympique Lyonnais are with 12 points and currently occupy 1st place in Group A which puts them in the qualifying zone for the 8th Finals, with a campaign of 4 wins, 0 draws, and 0 losses.

Olympique Lyonnais analysis

Teams can usually exert control over their opponents with ball possession above 50%. Therefore, the Olympique Lyonnais team typically seeks to control the game with an average ball possession of 60.25%.

Ball Possession Widget Betarena
0% 50% 100%

With a away balance of 2 wins, 0 losses, and 0 drawss, Olympique Lyonnais usually leaves little room for opponents to win.

Olympique Lyonnais is in an enviable position! Having 4 wins, they are the sure favorite.

Olympique Lyonnais has not lost a game in the last 2 matches away, and comes into this match with a streak of 4 wins hoping to get good results.

Olympique Lyonnais is a more offensive team than Brondby, having 522 attacks vs. 372 from Brondby, having scored 12 times, in comparison, Brondby converted into goal 1 time.

Olympique Lyonnais’s featured player

Many of the team’s positive results in the competition have been possible thanks to A. Lopes. The Olympique Lyonnais goalkeeper has had exceptional performances this season and was instrumental in many moments.

Best goalscorer from the Olympique Lyonnais

In the individual highlights of the team in the offensive sector, the focus falls on Karl Toko Ekambi so far in the competition. With 6 goals with his signature, the Attacker has helped his team Olympique Lyonnais to achieve victorious results this season.

Now a few markets where you can get some return from your bets:

Score market betting suggestions

Some study shows us that between 30-45 minutes is where most goals occur, this can be a good bet for those who follow the live game.

Bets on the under 2.5 goals market is an alternative because adding the goals scored at home by Brondby 0.5 and the visiting team Olympique Lyonnais 3 does not exceed the average of 3 goals, suggesting a good entry in this market.

Cards market betting suggestions

On the Olympique Lyonnais side, we know that it is a more aggressive team having received the red card once this season, very different from Brondby who saw no red card. Both the red and yellow cards market can be a good bet.

Corners market betting suggestions

There is an average of 3.62 corners per game, making this a good thing to note if one wishes to obtain good results in sports betting.

Take advantage of the best betting markets and start winning!

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Betting tip generated by artificial intelligence

Betting tip generated by Artificial intelligence, through NLG technology.

Betarena prepares the betting tips based on the data collected over the years, and duly analysed by our AI system, in order to increase the odds of return on sports betting.

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Betting tip generated by artificial intelligence

Betting tip generated by Artificial intelligence, through NLG technology.

Betarena prepares the betting tips based on the data collected over the years, and duly analysed by our AI system, in order to increase the odds of return on sports betting.

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