Brazil Pelotas vs Botafogo-SP Betting Tip and Prediction

Brazil Pelotas x Botafogo-SP Betting Tip and Prediction
Brazil Pelotas x Botafogo-SP Betting Tip and Prediction

Brazil Pelotas vs Botafogo-SP for the Brazilian Serie B championship match on Friday at Bento Freitas Stadium.

Here is the Brazil Pelotas vs Botafogo-SP prediction for your sports betting. The teams play for the 28th round of the Brasileirão Serie B. The meeting is scheduled for 10/11/2019, Friday.

In addition to checking out the match details, you will also have our free tip at the end of the post.

Brazil Pelotas

The Brazil Pelotas team currently occupies the 12th position in the Brasileirão Serie B. The club has 40 points in 27 games. Thus, there were 11 wins, 7 draws and 9 losses in all.

Once again the club is in the middle of the league table, which has already become a tradition.

Thus, it has an excellent squad for the competition level and can sometimes make good games.

In their last match, they faced Criciúma away from home and got a draw by 2 to 2.

They started losing but got the turn in the first half. The team tried to hold back the result but ended up suffering a penalty goal.

However, we cannot say that this was the fairest result for the match. Brazil Pelotas has done little but playing defensively.

They could not shot on goal or reach the attack with consistency. Thus, we had a match completely dominated by the opposing team.


The Botafogo-SP team comes from a result not very good by the circumstances of the championship.

Thus, they faced Figueirense at home and did not get more than a draw 0-0 with the lantern of the championship.

Still, the result could have been worse if Figueirense had not missed a penalty at the end of the match.

What drew the most attention was Botafogo-SP’s insistence on sideways climbs and cross attempts.

Nevertheless, the team created little in the middle of the pitch.

Currently ranked 7th in the table just 1 point below the classification zone for the A-Series.

Therefore, if they had secured the victory against Figueirense today would be in 4th place.


In the prediction of Brazil Pelotas vs Botafogo-SP, we have to take into account the balance between the teams.

However, playing at home is not a significant advantage for Brasil de Pelotas, as their record is not so good playing in front of the fans.

Already Botafogo-SP has made good away games, adding 5 wins as a visitor.

Nonetheless, in the last confrontation between the teams, Brasil de Pelotas beat the Botafogo-SP team by 3 to 2 playing away from home.

For our free tip, we will risk a better game from the visiting team, which can return the result of the first round.

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