Bolivia vs Venezuela Betting Tip and Prediction

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Bolivia vs Venezuela Betting Tip and Prediction
Bolivia vs Venezuela Betting Tip and Prediction

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Bolivia vs Venezuela, Saturday’s match for Copa América, Group A, at the Mineirão, the largest football stadium in the state of Minas Gerais.

In one of several matches this Saturday, which refers to the 3rd round of the group stage of the Copa America 2019, group A, play the national teams of Bolivia and Venezuela.


The selection of Bolivia enters the match of the third and final day of group A of the group stage of the Copa América 2019, something close to being eliminated from the competition, in the sense that it must necessarily win this match.

Unlike its opponent, this after adding two defeats in the two games played so far, in which the Bolivians proved that they are the weakest team of this group.


As for the selection of Venezuela comes to this last game of the group stage of this edition of the Copa América and relatively well on the possibility of reaching the next phase of the competition.

Taking into account that it “will suffice” to finish as one of the two best 3rd placed teams in this group A, and a tie in theory should be enough for this to happen, as the team will see their direct opponents against strong teams in their respective groups.


In a match in which will face two teams that have barely scored a goal (Bolivia got a goal against Peru, it is true, but this came from a stopped ball, through a penalty scored by Martins, while Venezuela failed to even do this so far, this despite having even a forward of excellence as is Salomon Rondón).

That, above all, is based on a very pragmatic, disciplined and with a tactical rigor, making use of a good competence in defensive terms, then having difficulties to attack. The draw interests Venezuela (probably is enough to pass) I can only see a game of few or no goals scored.

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