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Bills vs Jets Odds, Picks, and Predictions for Sunday Football – NFL – November 19, 2023

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Bills vs Jets

Game Analysis

The New York Jets and Buffalo Bills, both facing challenging situations in their season, meet today in a critical Week 11 matchup. The Jets, with a record of 4-5, and the Bills at 5-5, are each enduring two-game losing streaks and are in desperate need of a victory to stay in contention in the AFC.

Offensive Struggles

The Jets’ offense has been floundering, with quarterback Zach Wilson struggling to find form. They have not scored a touchdown since a Week 8 victory over the Giants and suffered a narrow loss to the Raiders in their last outing, marred by penalties and missed opportunities. The Bills, on the other hand, have made a significant change by replacing offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey with Joe Brady, though this is unlikely to drastically alter their offensive issues immediately. The Bills’ offense, led by Josh Allen, has been inconsistent, especially in the first half of games, and has struggled to avoid turnovers​​​​​​.

Defensive Dynamics

The Jets’ defense, which has been one of the best since Week 5, will pose a tough challenge for the Bills. The Bills’ defense, despite its lapses, especially late in games, will face a Jets offense that has managed only eight touchdowns in nine games. Injuries could also play a role, with the Bills potentially missing key players like WR Trent Sherfield and DB Micah Hyde​​.

Weather Conditions

The game, set to take place at Highmark Stadium in Buffalo, could be influenced by weather conditions, with expected 17-mph winds and a chance of rain. This could particularly affect the passing games of both teams and potentially lead to a more conservative, ground-oriented approach​​​​.


Given both teams’ offensive struggles and the strong defensive play, especially from the Jets, this matchup is likely to be a low-scoring affair. The weather conditions might further impact the offensive capabilities of both teams. The Bills’ new offensive coordination under Joe Brady might bring some changes, but significant improvement is unlikely in such a short span. Josh Allen and the Bills will need to address their turnover issues and find a way to penetrate the Jets’ stout defense. On the other hand, the Jets will look to capitalize on their defensive strengths and hope for an improved performance from Zach Wilson and the offense.

Considering these factors, a close, defensively dominated game is expected, with the Bills having a slight edge due to their overall team depth and home-field advantage, despite the Jets’ recent defensive prowess.


What are the current records of the Jets and Bills?

The Jets are 4-5, and the Bills are 5-5 heading into this game.

Have there been any significant changes in the teams recently?

Yes, the Bills have changed their offensive coordinator, promoting Joe Brady to the position.

What is the expected impact of the weather on the game?

The game might see lower scores due to 17-mph winds and a chance of rain, affecting the passing game.

Which team has the defensive edge?

The New York Jets have been the No. 1 defense since Week 5 in terms of EPA/play and success rate.

What should bettors consider for this game?

Bettors might look at a lower total score due to the strong defenses and potential weather impacts.

Which bookmaker has the best odds for this game?

The bookmaker with the best odds for this match is Bet365, and you can check out great betting tips here.

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