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Betting probabilities
Betting probabilities

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This week the highlight goes to the new betting probabilities feature.

The new widget is present after the content in the vast majority of betting tips; there are three betting suggestions with different percentages of the probability of success available to any Betarena user.

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Betting probabilities widget for more than 300 competitions

Covering more than 300 competitions, and based on 10+ years of historical data, it is possible to calculate the best betting suggestions for sports events with a high success rate.

This widget provides various information relevant to bettors, namely:

  • Betting market;
  • Suggested bet;
  • Example stake;
  • Probability percentage of the bet being successful;
  • Odds of the partner bookmaker (whenever the market is available);
  • Calculation of earnings if the bettor follows the bet;
Betting probabilities widget

Betarena’s Artificial Intelligence system uses an algorithm that measures a given event’s probability as precisely as mathematically possible.

The betting suggestions are to be used before the event takes place, that is, in pre-live.

Take advantage of the new betting probabilities feature to start winning with your bets.

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