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Betting Closed vs Betarena comparison. Find today’s free sports predictions at your fingertips with Betarena.

Fantasy sports betting has been around for several years now. Betarena has changed the game however with the unique contests system in place. It is rapidly becoming one of the most popular fantasy betting sites available.

Sports betting is a worldwide hobby and even a profession for many people. People place wagers on all continents of the globe through various betting sites.

In North America, people place wagers often through betting sites in Las Vegas. In Europe, people place wagers using betting sites in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and many more. Sports betting is also enjoyed in Africa, with sports bettors placing wagers through betting sites in Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and multiple others.

Sports betting truly is a global interest enjoyed by millions.

Betting Closed vs Betarena – A Closer Look

Fantasy sports betting is here to stay, and users need to be informed.

Simply open the Betarena App from your smartphone and start making informed sports predictions today.

In addition to easy access via the app, Betarena has a well-established desktop site. Here members can see the same daily bonuses and free betting tips that are also available on the mobile app.

Betarena’s website is eye-catching and enjoyable to use. Whereas the desktop site for Betting Closed appears rushed and unprofessional.

Of course members on both sites like betting on a variety of sports, and many enjoy betting on football. Both Betarena and Betting Closed have members providing football betting tips. But it is the community feel that Betarena has developed which makes them so popular.

Not only does Betarena offer a full report for the predictions offered unlike Betting closed, but they provide all of this sports betting expertise for free via their active members.

Daily Betting Tips

Members provide reports daily with free betting tips available to all members.

Today’s predictions include detailed reports and analysis. These provide bettors with important information. For example, todays game prediction includes Deportivo Lara vs Corinthians in the Copa Sudamericana.

Big returns in Sports Betting

Betarena clearly focuses on fewer predictions, yet the predictions given are often providing returns in excess of 3.00 for your money.

Members have a variety of bets available to them. Some may prefer betting 1 x 2 meaning that they are betting on the winner of the contest. Others may prefer betting on a draw (x) for higher returns. It all depends on the members preference.

Of course members may also publish betting tips 1 x 2. Therefore they are advising others to bet on the winner of the contest.

In the world of free sports betting, many prefer being advised by a betting expert and then following through on the advice received.

Betting closed appears to list many events which are providing returns of 1.15 or 1.25 if successful at all, and without any accompanying information to support these predictions.

This indicates that the predictions made are not truly from betting experts. And the betting tips provided simply don’t justify the returns offered in exchange for seeking out their betting advice.

Justified Betting Tips

Novices want information that is justified with statistics and reports, and this can be found easily at Betarena.

The world of sports betting is primarily about having fun and making informed decisions if pursuing this line of work for a career. Fantasy sports are no different and fun should always be the priority.

This being said, what better way to have fun than to have constantly updated live contests in which you can be rewarded with real prizes for your betting tips. This is what really puts Betarena at the pinnacle of fantasy sports betting.

Members are constantly watching the fantasy sports available. This qualifies them for providing justified and professional betting advice.

Big Bonuses

The bonuses offered are quite literally in the thousands, and that is real money. Betarena, has established something truly unique and it is easy to sign up and start competing for prizes.

Members are constantly active on the platform and providing quality tips for the rest of the community. It is difficult to see any reason not to be with such great bonuses offered.

Bettingclosed appears to not really have an interactive involvement with its website visitors, and the
information provided doesn’t seem all that ‘easy on the eye’ either.

Betarena also appears to have multiple sign up and bonus offers with many well established
bookmakers internationally, whereas Betting closed has only two affiliated bookmakers it seems.

Betting Variety

There are various bets available for informed sports better when using Betarena.

As mentioned above, bets can be placed using the 1×2 market, meaning that the player can choose to bet on a straight-up victory for either team 1 or team 2, and they can bet on the game being a draw (x).

It also appears that players can place bets on various other markets such as over/under, where the player can place a wager on several events such as the number of goals and number of corners.

This ensures that the betting tips available will cater to a whole host of members.

The beauty of focusing on football for the fantasy sport is that odds are often higher for football games as opposed to other sports, of course, because there is the possibility of 3 outcomes for the game as opposed to just a winner or a loser.

With the variety of bets available combined with the excitement of entering the contests and
winning real prizes for sports predictions, it is difficult to see how Betting closed can really compete with Betarena.

Betarena wins the contest in almost every category for their sports betting offerings.

Live Stream Events

Once an account has been opened with Betarena, members can actually watch the events that they have placed bets on. This gives a further feeling of involvement on the platform.

Not only do members enjoy receiving free betting tips and placing wagers, but they also like to watch the game they have placed a wager on.

Let’s be honest. While placing wagers based on free betting tips can be fun, it is all the more enjoyable to watch the result go in favour of the selected team. Even better when this can be done using a live stream service instead of just a live score service.

All the member needs is an open account with Betarena to start live streaming the selected events.

Betting Closed vs Betarena comparison Concluded

The community that Betarena has developed is great. Betting closed doesn’t even come close to rivalling Betarena’s community feel.

Betting Closed also doesn’t come close regarding member bonuses. The bonuses and promotions available on Betarena are a huge draw for active and future members. Members can make real money for their expertise. And the shared love for sports is enjoyed through all on the platform.

Betarena’s website is also much more appealing to the eye, and the App is available to download for ease of access. Download links are available directly from the website. The same cannot be said for Betting Closed.

All of this pieced together ensures an offering of both an exciting and potentially profitable platform for sports betting tipsters alike to show off their knowledge and be rewarded for it.

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