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When it comes to sports betting tips, people want quality backed by information. Both Betarena and Betnumbers provide free betting tips on their platform.

However, one appears to stand out from the other. The quality that Betarena provides seems to rise above Betnumbers for several reasons.

The first thing any website visitor notices on any site is the appearance. Does it look professional? Does it look trustworthy? If a membership site such as these two, would the user want to regularly visit the site? All of these questions are vitally important for building the user experience.

The aesthetics of Betarena’s site compared with Betnumbers is not even a contest.

Betnumbers has a low-resolution website, not to mention they claim a 65% success rate with their betting tips. This doesn’t appear to be backed up by information anywhere on the site.

The Betarena site is much more professional in terms of the colour scheme, layout and overall sense of trust for their users.

On the plus side for Betnumbers, they do have a partnership in place with the betting site ‘Double Bet’.

Visitors signing up through the Betnumbers site can enjoy up to a 100 Euro welcome bonus.

While Betnumbers does have the one partnership, Betarena has six at the present time.

Visitors of the Betarena site can enjoy bonuses from bet365, betfair and 1xbet.

Information Provided in Betnumbers vs Betarena

It is true that both sites provide betting tips for their users.

Furthermore, the sports betting tips being posted to both sites consist primarily of free tips.

This means visitors can obtain valuable sports betting information for absolutely nothing on both platforms.

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The major difference here is that the information posted to Betarena are backed with enjoyable reports and concrete statistics.

Betnumbers does have plenty of free tips available, yet they only provide the betting tip without any sort of backup information.

This doesn’t really give sports bettors any sense of trust when acting on the tips offered on Betnumbers.

Most sports bettors welcome free betting tips when assessing what wagers they are going to place.

This being said, sports bettors also enjoy reading about the sports they are betting on as well as the predictions offers.

News and Content in Betnumbers vs Betarena

Betnumbers have conclusive reports which members have posted, but they are based on real life sporting events.

The reports are also posted after the event, which means the user does not receive the prediction with a report before the event.

Betarena offers its users both sports betting tips and a conclusive report prior to the events taking place.

Betnumbers also has an effective way of dividing up the information provided, and they cover a whole host of competitions and leagues.

Reports are published from all of the most prestigious leagues in the world, and they also cover the Champions League. In addition, they provide regularly updated services covered in the news section.

Two of the more recent services added include live betting tips for their members, as well as a program on how to place live bets effectively.

Betarena also offers services that teach the more inexperienced members how to bet intelligently and increase the chances of long term profit.

One major area where Betnumbers fall short, however, is the sheer volume of content and reports offered by the members of Betarena.

There are contests taking place several times daily, and members are given a great incentive to share their predictions and content.

These incentives come in the form of real cash prizes for their sports bettors, and the prizes run into the thousands.

From the information available, Betnumbers simply doesn’t have such a platform where members are rewarded for sharing their sports betting tips.

This is without the doubt the most unique feature of the Betarena site, and a major attraction for sports bettors to join the site and be rewarded for their knowledge.

Range Of Services Available

We’ve established that both platforms offer free tips for their members.

Yet the availability of published reports combined with the volume of free tips available definitely proves a positive attraction for Betarena. While Betnumbers does provide a great number of sports betting tips for their users, it simply isn’t backed up with enough information for the user to trust them.

We’ve also established that both sites offer some additional guidance packages for inexperienced sports bettors.

Betnumbers has two services currently available for sports bettors wanting to live bet. And Betarena provides published and detailed reports on betting strategies for a wide range of sports.

Both sites also have a mobile application available, although the mobile application for Betnumbers follows the same lack of quality as their desktop site.

Betarena wins the award for this category given the quality aesthetics of their mobile app.

The final category to address is the member participation rates on both sites. Betnumbers has a great number of free tips provided, yet there appears to be no sign of community engagement.

Betarena is quite literally the complete opposite of this. With overwhelming member participation, users definitely get that feeling of being part of a community environment.


Betnumbers and Betarena follow a very similar angle for their services offered.

With free betting tips available on both sites, they operate and engage with a particular target market.

However, the quality of information available on Betarena proves unrivalled by Betnumbers.

This combined with the member incentives, site aesthetics and monthly rewards puts them firmly at the front of this competition.

Betarena has several partnerships, a huge community of sports bettors and daily competitions to make a fun and engaging platform.

All information considered, Betarena truly takes the victory for these two sites.

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