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Betarena 2020
Betarena 2020

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Now that 2019 is ending, it is time to take stock of the goals achieved and plan the new year.

A year of records in Betarena – 2019

The year 2019 was a record year at Betarena, we reached the highest number of visits ever, accompanied by the most prolonged stay on the site, more pages per session and other records in metrics showing that Betarena is today a reference platform, in the world of sports betting.

Fully renovated design and interface.

Betarena, in 2019 changed the entire design and interface. Unlike most sports betting websites, simplicity and ease of access to information have become the norm. 

By minimizing the number of advertisements and commercials to the essentials, we avoid damaging the reading of predictions, and other information of interest to gamblers.

With a particular focus on the mobile version so that the site is always accessible quickly and with quality on mobile devices, having reached records in the number of users who access through this format.

In Portuguese, Spanish, and English!

Betarena is a platform with users from around the world, and 2019 was a year of investment to spread more and better information in the various supported languages. Having reached records of visits from all over the world.

Betarena’s fresh newsletter

To be closer to the Betarena community and to allow our visitors to know the latest news and the best predictions, we have implemented the new Betarena newsletter.

More and better predictions

At Betarena, we want the community to win with their bets. For this reason, we decided that we should increase the number of predictions released daily on the platform.

Competition changes with prize increases

In 2019 Betarena changed the competition system, a new approach was needed to make changes to the platform, we took the opportunity to increase the value of the prize given to the tipsters who contribute daily with their predictions.

More and better betting content

For good results, bettors should have access to the best betting content, and Betarena, in 2019, has made a strong push in this area and has created articles that address various topics relevant to sports betting.

More information about sporting events

In 2019 Betarena began the course to provide more information about the sporting events taking place. A new quick and functional game table was added in 2019, and we have a lot more to offer by 2020.

Betarena in 2020

At Betarena, 2020 it will be a year of growth and change.

Increase the team

The Betarena team has already started to increase, and it is expected that this increase will continue in 2020 to deliver faster platform growth.

More information about sporting events

By 2020, the bet on this area will be robust, more data on the games to be played, a space dedicated to each sporting event, videos of the best goals, and much more.

Artificial intelligence at the service of sports betting

By 2020 we are planning to launch a sports betting suggestion system that learns from experience by analyzing thousands of data provided by the API.

Even more predictions

We’ll increase the odds and cover more sports so everyone can have the best and most complete information for their bets.

Communication on social networks

By 2020 we want to increase Betarena’s exposure on social networks, including preparing podcasts and videos that can help the community win with their sports betting.


2020 will be the year to improve and simplify the competition system so that tipsters can participate simply and quickly, always with the best prizes.

Events and Sports

By 2020 we also intend to increase the number of events available on the site and to expand the number of sports.

Many new features that will continue to affirm Betarena as a reference platform for gamblers and all those who enjoy sports.

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