Betarena New Feature: Betting tips List with check bet option available

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This week we take the opportunity to introduce the new functionality already available in Betarena. The simplified betting tips list where you can check the suggested bet.

We decided to simplify the consultation of betting tips in Betarena. Previously this section included match related images without access to the bet, you had to enter the betting tip and only then be able to view the bet that Betarena tipsters suggest.

To simplify and speed up information retrieval, we have removed the featured image associated with the betting tip that did not add value to bettors.

We have chosen to simplify the design by including only the most relevant information for the thousands of bettors who use Betarena betting information daily.

Betting tips list with the suggested bet

Information that is available in the betting tips list:

Betting tip title with mention of the teams that come into play;

Betting tip author / Tipster;

Date of betting tip to be immediately associated with the event;

Option to view the bet without having to access the betting tip content;

A quick option to wager with an associated bonus for new users;

Betting tips list including a Betslip

We also added a Betslip with the best bets of the day, where you can view the bet and associated odds.

Also available is the new Betarena game table about which we will be creating a presentation article very soon.

Betarena continues to improve its platform to become the most relevant sports betting community in the world.

Don’t miss any of the thousands of tips we offer to access here!

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