Bayern vs Köln Betting Tip and Prediction

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Köln vs Freiburg Betting Tip and Prediction
Köln vs Freiburg Betting Tip and Prediction

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Bayern vs Köln for the German Bundesliga championship match on Saturday at Allianz Arena Stadium.

Check out the prediction Bayern vs Köln that we have prepared for you, at the end of the post you can check our free bet for the match.

The teams enter the field for the fifth round of the Bundesliga this Saturday, 21/09/2019.

And here you can find everything you need to know to place your bets well. So let’s get to the information.


The Bayern team takes the field to defend the title of the tournament as it was the grand champion of last season.

They won the contest with 78 points, two more than second-placed Borussia Dortmund.

In their campaign they had the best attack of the competition, scoring 88 goals. Thus, were 24 wins, 6 draws and only 4 losses.

Thus, the team comes from seven games, not losing streak, in all, there were five wins and two draws.

In their last match, they faced Crvena Zvezda, a game valid for the first round of the Champions League, winning at home by 3 to 0.

The team was the favourite on the pitch and only needed to confirm its technical superiority.

They dominated the game throughout the match and did not let their opponent to shot on goal. The team kept the ball and went into the attack.

They made the 1st goal in the first half and held the game, thus scoring the last two goals at the end of the second half, being the latest in injury time.


The team were second division champions last season of the Bundesliga.

Thus, Köln had a good campaign, winning 34 games, 19 draws and 6 losses.

Thus, the team will once again play the first division of the national championship.

However, as is quite natural in such cases, the team enters the tournament first to ensure that they will not be relegated, and thus remain in the first division.

However, the team’s campaign start was not one of the best. In fact, they lost three matches and won only one.
They showed a weak defence and in all conceded 13 goals and scored only four. Thus, with only three points, it occupies the 15th place in the table.


We have a match where Bayern are super favourites to win. That is, it has an extremely superior team in technical and individual terms.

However, we are talking about a champion team against a team that has just gained access to the first division.

We hope Bayern will manage the match as they did in their last game when they were also super favourites. This will be our free bet plan, which you can see below.

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Over/Under FT - Bet: Under 4.5 - Odds: 1.53

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