Austria vs Latvia Betting Tip and Prediction

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Austria vs Latvia Betting Tip and Prediction
Austria vs Latvia Betting Tip and Prediction

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Austria vs Latvia for the UEFA Euro qualifiers match on Friday at Red Bull Arena Stadium.

The prediction Austria vs Latvia is a match where we practically already know who will be the winner, so it remains to know for how much will be the victory of Austria.

In fact, we do not know what the stance of the Austrian team will be, so we have to look at its behaviour against weak teams.

The match takes place this Friday in Austria for the Euro 2020 qualifying round.


In this case, we know that Austria has a strong team, with a good fitness of its players.

However, the team has not been performing well against more competitive teams. Thus, suffering defeats from Israel and Poland, for example.

Still, the team has scored a reasonable average of goals against weaker teams in European football. In fact, an approximate average of 3 goals per match in recent games.

But we don’t know what the team’s stance will be, whether it will play for the fans or adopt a conservative attitude to just secure the three points.


Indeed, it is a team without expression in European football. In this case, we can expect nothing more than a closed group playing away from home, thus hoping for a draw by 0x0.

Also, the Latvian side usually holds well in games against more qualified teams, that is, often containing 1 × 0 or 2 × 0. In this case, often a feat for the team.

However, in their last match, they took 5 goals from the Slovenian team, also a team without much skill. As expected, the team has not yet scored points in Group G of the competition.


As said, we have to know how much the win will be and whether Austria will be conceding goals in the match. In fact, these are the critical points for a suitable match bet.

Probably Austria will not force the game. With that, few goals are expected, but it is unlikely that the Latvian team can score, and that is not a market with good odds.

So we have to analyze the odds lines for the goal market to know the most reasonable bet.

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Over/Under FT - Bet: Over 2.5 - Odds: 1.53

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