Atletico Mineiro vs Fortaleza Betting Tip and Prediction

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Atletico Mineiro vs Fortaleza Betting Tip and Prediction
Atletico Mineiro vs Fortaleza Betting Tip and Prediction

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Atletico Mineiro vs Fortaleza for the Brazilian Serie A championship match on Sunday at Raimundo Sampaio Stadium.

They face for day 11 of Brazilian Serie A, Atlético MG and Fortaleza, the stage that will host this meeting will be the Estádio Raimundo Sampaio (Belo Horizonte).

Atletico MG, the home team after 10 matches they have played, occupies the fourth position, has 6 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses, adding a total of 19 points, in terms of home games, of the 5 that have played, won 3, tied 1 and only lost to Palmeiras 2-0. We can say that until now Atlético MG is doing a good campaign because if we look closely, the games that it has lost have been against top rivals such as Santos, Gremio and Palmeiras.

Fortaleza, the visiting team in the 10 matches they have played in the Brasileirao, has added a total of 13 points, where they won 4 games, tied 1 and lost 5 times, as a visitor it has not gone well, as they only won 1 meeting and lost 4 times. In spite of this, Fortaleza is a strong team, but unfortunately, in these last games, they had to face top rivals.

As for the history between Atletico MG and Fortaleza, they have faced 4 times, 2 victories for Atlético MG and 2 victories for Fortaleza, if we look at the clashes in Belo Horizonte, we have 1 win per side. It should be mentioned that the last time Fortaleza visited Atlético MG was for 2015, and that time they won by 3-2.

In conclusion, both teams are making a good tournament, on the one hand, Atlético MG has only fallen at home with Palmeiras, the team that perhaps today is the strongest of the Brasileirao, after that, it has not had problems to win at home.

As for Fortaleza, is a team that retreats too much as a visitor and maybe that’s why it costs a lot to get a good result against the big clubs in Brazil, so I think Atlético MG will be able to manage the match and keep the 3 points.

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