Athletico vs Internacional Betting Tip and Prediction

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Athletico vs Internacional Betting Tip and Prediction
Athletico vs Internacional Betting Tip and Prediction

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Athletico vs Internacional for the Copa do Brasil cup match on Thursday at Arena da Baixada Stadium.

Athletico vs Internacional prediction analyzes this week’s main Brazilian soccer match. Thus the 2019 Brazilian Cup final will have its first match at Athletico’s home.

This is a game where numbers matter little. In fact, we will have a match with maximum dedication from the teams on the field. The title is worth a national champion trophy in the season. In this sense, the game will be played in its details.


Athletico had a tough road to the final. However, it surpassed opponents like Grêmio and Flamengo to have the opportunity to be in the decision. This way, the team will fight hard to seize this opportunity achieved with great dedication.

The team has made good performances in the Brazilian Championship, but it is in the decisive games that the team has shown that it can grow against the most qualified opponents.

Athletico has an efficient attack that makes the most of its opportunities. On the other hand, their defence can hold the pressure well and start playing with speed. Their midfield is well articulated and with good creative power.


Internacional takes the pitch to make the first match of the final away from home. The team has achieved excellent results in the season and shows a lot of regularity of its squad.

However, the team knows that it is difficult to gain the advantage even in the first game. Although the team has the capacity for that.

Internacional showed a high tactical quality during their matches for the competition. It had a relatively easy path due to the consistency with which played the decisive games.

The team has an offensive feature with plenty of speed in their plays. They will probably use it with counterattacks to try to reach the goal.


Both teams are extremely focused on this final. The Brazilian Cup title will ensure a good season for either side.

So we can expect a high-speed match. Probably Athletico will start to attack in the early minutes of the game. Meanwhile, Inter should try to manage the game to neutralize the opponent.

In this sense, the tendency is that we have a match with few goals. Since neither team wants to take risks in this first round of the final.

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