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Artificial intelligence for sports betting
Artificial intelligence for sports betting

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Now in Betarena, all betting tips are generated through artificial intelligence.

Betarena prepares the predictions based on the data collected over the years, always duly analysed by our AI system, increasing the chances of a return for sports betting.

This is one of the great new features of Betarena in 2020, and that aims to increase the players’ earnings by providing the best and most complete information about the games.

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The creation of betting tips through AI allows Betarena to cover the vast majority of games that happen daily and guarantees historical data analysis that would otherwise be impossible.

The AI ​​system is just over 2 months old and continues its daily learning; over time, the consistency of the writing of the betting tips and match information will improve exponentially, far exceeding what any human, however, experienced and knowledgeable, could achieve.

We are the first sports betting content platform to adopt AI for massive betting tip creation.

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