Any win can be crucial in the tightest MLB divisions

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Philadelphia Phillies
Philadelphia Phillies

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Missing around 30 games for the Major League Baseball regular season-ending, the run for the division championship is catching on fire. None of the MLB divisions have a difference bigger than 10 games to the first from the second-placed.

NL West

At this moment, the National League West is the tightest division. Only half a game separates the Los Angeles Dodgers, in the first place with 85 wins and 49 losses, and the San Francisco Giants, with 84 wins and 49 losses.

The contest is so fierce that they are between the three best teams in the league. In this case, the second-placed from the division will probably go to the Wild Card. In the last eight, 97 wins would be enough to get the spot. So if the loser adds 13 wins, it certainly will make the goal came true.

NL East

The closest gap among the three first teams is in the National League East. Less than five wins and games separated the Atlanta Braves, with 70 wins and 62 losses, from the Philadelphia Phillies, with 68 victories and 64 defeats, and the New York Mets, with 65 wins and 67 losses.

Unlike the NL West, the second-placed probably won’t get a spot in the Wild Card. According to Bovada, the Atlanta Braves has -900 odds to win their division, while the Philadelphia Phillies has +700 odds.

AL West

In the American League, the greater competitiveness is on the West. The Houston Astros, with 78 wins and 55 losses, has less than five matches ahead of the Oakland Athletics, with 73 wins and 60 losses.

Don’t forget the Seattle Mariners, with 72 victories and 62 losses, which still dream with a miracle at the end of the regular season. In this division, the loser probably will stay away from the Wild Card.

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