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Analysis: Famalicão vs Gil Vicente on November 04th 2023 for the Liga Portugal

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Famalicão vs Gil Vicente played for the Liga Portugal this Saturday, on November 04th 2023. The home team achieved a great 3-1 victory, to pick up important points.


Famalicão managed to beat Gil Vicente by 3-1 in another league match. Before this fixture, the odds of 2.05 were successful for those who decided to bet on them to win.

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Match Goals

The spectators witnessed a real goalscoring show at Estádio Municipal 22 de Junho. With the first-half ending in 2-0, the second-half had 2 goals more goals to complete the score of 3-1 at the end of the game.

Famalicão managed to win despite their poor finishing today. With 14 shots in the 90 minutes of play, they hit only 1 on target to score the 3 victory goals.

Gil Vicente suffered a predictable defeat after a subpar showing on the field. The team only managed 3 shots during the game, displaying a dearth of aggression and an inability to thwart their rivals’ attacks.


Famalicão vs Gil Vicente was a match characterized by frequent interventions from the referee, who ended up showing 6 yellow cards throughout the game. Despite the high number of cautions, no players were sent off with a red card.

Famalicão vs Gil Vicente Game Highlights

This match between Famalicão vs Gil Vicente, was played under a clear sky, and featured a total of 1 VAR intervention in the 90 minutes.

Featured Players

Gustavo Sá, the jewel of Famalicão, was decisive by scoring a goal at the 36 minutes. The 18 year old player showed personality to contribute to his team to win the 3 points.

The star of the day was Francisco Moura, with 1 goal e 1 assist, the defender simply blew the match away and left the game heavily cheered by the Famalicão fans.

Individually, the best player of Gil Vicente was Maxime Dominguez. However, unluckily for the midfielder, his outstanding performance with 1 goal was not enough for the team to leave the field with the 3 points.


In this true 6-point game, the win was crucial, as the Famalicão victory served to prevent Gil Vicente from moving past ahead in the leaderboard.


When was the match between Famalicão vs Gil Vicente played?

Famalicão vs Gil Vicente played for the Liga Portugal on Saturday, on November 04th 2023.

What was the final result of the match between Famalicão vs Gil Vicente?

The home team achieved a great 3-1 victory, to pick up important points.

What were the odds for the match between the teams?

How was the match regarding cards?

Famalicão vs Gil Vicente was a game full of disciplinary interventions by the referee. A total of 6 yellow cards were shown throughout the game. Although many players from both teams were yellow-carded, no red cards were shown.

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