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Analysis: Corinthians vs Santos on June 25th 2022 for the Serie A

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Corinthians vs Santos played for the Serie A this Saturday, on June 25th 2022. The teams tied in a match where no one could break the nullity of the result. The final score was 0-0.


Those who like risky bets should have put the draw as their guess in this match. The equality of 0-0 rewarded those who dared to bet on this result since the pre-match odds for a draw were 2.9.

Check the Corinthians vs Santos match stats

Visit our stats page of the match, and check out all the most important numbers from the game.

Match Goals

Those who went to the Arena Corinthians probably went away a bit frustrated that they didn’t see a single goal. Although Corinthians had a greater volume of play, their attack was not enough to break through the opposing defense.


Corinthians vs Santos was a game full of disciplinary interventions by the referee. A total of 6 yellow cards were shown throughout the game. Although many players from both teams were yellow-carded, no red cards were shown.

Corinthians vs Santos Game Highlights

The game stirred up the São Paulo fans. The state classic between Corinthians x Santos is always an important event, as the teams’ rivalry goes far beyond the field.

Featured Players

At the end of the game, the best players of each team were nominated, with the defender Raul Gustavo being the best on the field for the Corinthians side. On the other side, the best player from the Santos team was the defender Emiliano Velázquez.


A draw is not usually celebrated in a confrontation like this. After all, you have to win the so-called “6-point games” to go far in a straight points championship. With the draw, the two teams remain close at the top of the table.

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