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Analysis: Chelsea vs Manchester City on November 12th 2023 for the Premier League

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Chelsea vs Manchester City played for the Premier League this Sunday, on November 12th 2023. The teams tied in a match that featured many goals. The final score was 4-4.


With an impressive show of strength and grit, Chelsea salvaged a point with a goal in the 90 minute of the second half, earning a draw that felt like a triumphant win given the game’s unique challenges.

Those who did well in this game were the bettors who took a chance on a draw. Before the game, the odds of 3.75 were excellent, yielding a good profit for those who dared to bet on an equal score.

Check the Chelsea vs Manchester City match stats

Visit our stats page of the match, and check out all the most important numbers from the game.

Match Goals

The spectators witnessed a real goalscoring show at Stamford Bridge. With the first-half ending in 2-2, the second-half had 4 goals more goals to complete the score of 4-4 at the end of the game.


Chelsea vs Manchester City was a match characterized by frequent interventions from the referee, who ended up showing 9 yellow cards throughout the game. Despite the high number of cautions, no players were sent off with a red card.

Contrary to what usually happens in the first halves of soccer games, Chelsea was quite tough at this point of the game, seeing a total of 3 yellow cards, and getting some players thus conditioned for the second half of the game.

Chelsea vs Manchester City Game Highlights

Despite the heavy rain, the show went on, and we witnessed several goals at the Stamford Bridge.

The heavy rain really complicated the actions at the Stamford Bridge. With the heavy turf, the teams played a more physical game, resulting in 9 yellow cards.

The penalties were decisive for the outcome of the game, with 1 for Chelsea and 1 for Manchester City. Cole Palmer converted the first one, and Erling Haaland scored the second one.

Featured Players

Chelsea has Robert Sánchez to thank for being able to leave the field with a point. The goalkeeper showed his quality on several occasions, making at least 6 difficult saves in the 90 minutes of play, a performance that made him one of the best players in the match.


A draw isn’t typically a cause for celebration in a game like this. After all, you have to win the so-called “6-point games” to get far in a straight points-based league. With the draw, both teams stay close in the middle of the table.


When was the match between Chelsea vs Manchester City played?

Chelsea vs Manchester City played for the Premier League on Sunday, on November 12th 2023.

What was the final result of the match between Chelsea vs Manchester City?

The teams tied in a match that featured many goals. The final score was 4-4.

What were the odds for the match between the teams?

Those who like risky bets should have put the draw as their guess in this match. The equality of 4-4 rewarded those who dared to bet on this result since the pre-match odds for a draw were 3.75.

How was the match regarding cards?

Chelsea vs Manchester City was a game full of disciplinary interventions by the referee. A total of 9 yellow cards were shown throughout the game. Although many players from both teams were yellow-carded, no red cards were shown.

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