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Analysis: Ceará vs Atlético GO on June 26th 2022 for the Serie A

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Ceará vs Atlético GO played for the Serie A this Sunday, on June 26th 2022. The teams tied in a match that featured few goals. The final score was 1-1.


Those who did well in this game were the bettors who took a chance on a draw. Before the game, the odds of 3.25 were excellent, yielding a good profit for those who dared to bet on an equal score.

Check the Ceará vs Atlético GO match stats

Visit our stats page of the match, and check out all the most important numbers from the game.

Match Goals

The game was exciting and had good doses of excitement. Jorginho scored the first goal in the 26 minutes of the game, while Hayner tied the match at 48 minutes.


The match between Ceará vs Atlético GO was relatively calm regarding disciplinary interventions. This match featured a total of 4 yellow cards shown by the match referee D. Marques das Flores.

Ceará vs Atlético GO Game Highlights

This match between Ceará vs Atlético GO, was played under a clear sky, and had no VAR interventions in the 90 minutes.

Featured Players

At the end of the game, the best players of each team were nominated, with the defender Luiz Otávio being the best on the field for the Ceará side. On the other side, the best player from the Atlético GO team was the midfielder Jorginho.


A draw is not usually celebrated in a confrontation like this. After all, you have to win the so-called “6-point games” to go far in a straight points championship. With the draw, the two teams remain close at the bottom of the table.

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