America-MG vs Criciuma Betting Tip and Prediction

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America-MG vs Criciuma Betting Tip and Prediction
America-MG vs Criciuma Betting Tip and Prediction

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America-MG vs Criciuma for the Brazilian Serie B championship match on Tuesday at Raimundo Sampaio Stadium.

For this Tuesday the prediction of America-MG vs Criciuma brings another match for the 22nd round of the Brazilian Serie B championship. The game will be held in Belo Horizonte, home of América-MG.

The two teams are currently campaigning to move away from the relegation zone. Criciuma has not been performing well, while América-MG seems to be evolving with each game after a bad start to the championship.

The confrontation will make one of the teams more comfortable, but a defeat can bring back the risk of entering the relegation zone.


With 26 points, América-MG is only 4 points ahead of the relegation zone. However, despite a difficult start to the championship, the team has been unbeaten for 9 games. So there were 5 wins, and 4 draws for Serie B.

Most importantly, the team does not have a good performance at home. This way, they were able to score more points as a visitor. It cannot be said that there is an advantage for América-MG for playing at home.

If only the home games of the teams are considered, the team would be in 18th position. However, if we thought only the games as a visitor, we would have America-MG in 8th position. There were 12 points as the home team, and 14 points won away.


The Criciuma team has an irregular championship, oscillating between good and bad performances. There does not seem to be a game pattern on the part of the team. In their last match, they tied without goals with Ponte Preta.

In this game, the team took a long time to find themselves on the pitch, as well as their opponent, and could not make plays and committed many fouls. However, in the second half, the team played better and pressed for a goal. But Ponte Preta was already satisfied with the result and held the tie until the end.

In the championship their just 1 point above the relegation zone. A defeat can lead the team to the Z-4. That way, each game begins to be decisive for its claims. In all, scored 14 goals and conceded 20, are 5 wins, 8 draws and 8 losses in the competition.


Considering only the last 10 matches of the competition, América-MG has the second-best campaign among the 20 teams. That is, it is living a good phase. Already Criciuma can not develop their team.

Thus, in the 21 rounds of the Brazilian Serie B Championship, 7 games from América-MG ended with more than 2.5 goals, Criciúma had only 4. So the trend of games with low goals will likely continue.

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