Albacete vs Mallorca Betting Tip and Prediction

Albacete vs Mallorca Betting Tip and Prediction
Albacete vs Mallorca Betting Tip and Prediction

Albacete vs Mallorca, Sunday’s game for the second leg of the La Liga 2 Playoff, at the Estadio Carlos Belmonte, in Albacete, Spain.


Albacete will have a very difficult task in this second game with Mallorca, as they have to overturn a two-goal draw after losing 2-0 in the first game of the La Liga 2 play-off.

Albacete comes from three consecutive defeats, they at first appeared to be a strong team with quality to be promoted automatically, but throughout the season they were falling form.

With four defeats in their last five games, confidence will not be the best for this deciding match. The margin of two goals in reality seems to be a lot, since Albacete need three goals without an answer, so they have no choice but to attack.

In theory and under normal circumstances, the home team playing at home has everything to make a positive result. They have the ability to score, but the point is they cannot concede, which makes it all more complicated.


Mallorca showed they have enough quality to beat Albacete 2-0 at home. Mallorca finished the championship in a very good form, and I believe that if they continue in this way they will get a place in the final of the play-offs.

They make the most of playing their first game at home, not only have they conceded a goal but also scored twice, with only ninety minutes to play is a very comfortable advantage.

Mallorca comes from a very positive series of results, with only three defeats in their last eighteen games for La Liga 2, which makes the team very solid. Since February, they have not lost a game with more than one goal, which is certainly a good harbinger for them.

Albacete certainly feels they have to make this game a battle, but Mallorca is in a good moment, so I find the task very difficult. But playing at home to your fans everything can happen.

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