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Água Santa vs Bragantino betting tip 2023 – Picks and Predictions for the Paulista A1 match on March 20th, 2023

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Água Santa and Bragantino will play on March 20th, 2023, Monday, in a game counting for the Paulista A1 in Brazil, check the Água Santa vs Bragantino betting tip 2023 to win with your bets.

We are facing two of the four best teams in the competition. Água Santa and Bragantino fight, in two hands, for a place in the final of the Paulista A1, where only one of them will be able to lift the much-desired trophy.

Stadium and City where Água Santa vs Bragantino will occur

The game is set to be played in the Estádio Urbano Caldeira stadium, in the city of Santos, with a capacity for 16798 spectators, that will try to help the team achieve a positive result.

Where to follow the live game

Take the opportunity to check out the match live in Betarena, bringing much information to your bets, including statistics, events, and odds.

Introduction to the Água Santa vs Bragantino betting tip 2023

The Paulista A1 has had fewer goals than the previous season. Last season the tournament had an average of 2.38 goals scored per match, while now the competition has an average of 2.16 goals per match played.

The last time these teams met was for a Paulista A1 match, on 15-02-2023, referring to the 2023 season, which ended with a victory of the Água Santa team by 1-0.

And while we’re on the historical factor, it’s important to point out that it’s always pertinent to consider the history of relevance in the competition, so for this game it should be noted that Água Santa have not yet won the Paulista A1 while Bragantino has won the competition 1 time.

Água Santa

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Reaching a semifinal of the Paulista A1 is not an easy task, and that’s one of the reasons to value Água Santa’s campaign even more. Coach Thiago Carpini Barbosa’s team beat in the quarterfinals, allowing them to discuss a spot in the grand final competition.

Água Santa analysis

After round number -1 in Paulista A1, Água Santa has 0 goals scored and 0 conceded.

Best goalscorer from Água Santa

In the individual highlights of the team in the offensive sector, the focus falls on Bruno Mezenga so far in the competition. With 5 goals with his signature, the Attacker has helped his team Água Santa to achieve victorious results this season.


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On the other hand, Bragantino comes to this duel after finishing in position 1 in Group A in the regular phase of the competition. Coach Marcio Silva’s team had 20 points, with 15 goals scored and 10 goals conceded.

Bragantino analysis

After round -1 of Paulista A1 we count 2 goals scored by Bragantino and 0 conceded.

Bragantino is a more offensive team than Água Santa, having 126 attacks vs. 89 from Água Santa, having scored twice, in comparison, Água Santa converted into goal 0 times.

Now a few markets where you can get some return from your bets:

Score market betting suggestions

For those following the live game, it has been known that between 75-90 minutes is a period where most goals are scored making this a good time to bet.

Corners market betting suggestions

A good thing to note for those wanting to get sports betting results is that there is an average of 7 corners per game.

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Água Santa vs Bragantino betting tip 2023: FAQ

When does the match between Água Santa vs. Bragantino take place?

The match will be played on March 20th, 2023, Monday.

In which stadium and city does Água Santa vs Bragantino play?

The match will take place at the Estádio Urbano Caldeira stadium in Santos.

What was the previous result between the teams?

The last time these teams faced each other was in Paulista A1 match, referring to the 2023 season, and ended with a 1-0 result for Água Santa.

What is the best bet for goals?

For this match, the probability indicates that the net is more likely to swing between 75-90 minutes.

Which bookmaker has the best odds for this game?

The bookmaker with the best odds for this match is Bet365!

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