After 19 streak losses, Baltimore Orioles returned to win a game

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Baltimore Orioles
Baltimore Orioles

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After 19 streak losses, Baltimore Orioles returned to win a game in the regular season from the MLB. With the last two wins against the Los Angeles Angels, they finally break the terrible series.

On Wednesday, August 25, they had a 10-6 win, and this Thursday had an expressive 13-1 win at home again, for changing a 19 loss streak for a two wins streak.

The last win had been 24 days ago, on August 2, against the Yankees in New York, in a 7-1 win. Baltimore Orioles lost for the NY, Tampa Bay, Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves, and LA Angels in this period.

The 19 streak loss was baseball’s longest losing streak in 16 years. With the win, the Orioles avoided becoming the seventh team since 1901 to lose 20 consecutive games.

Worst MLB teams

Baltimore is still the worst team from the division, conference, and all the league despite the last two wins. With 40 wins (19 at home and 21 away) and 86 losses, 517 runs scored (second-worst from the AL) and 740 runs against (worst league record). Now they have a 2-8 record in the last ten games.

The second worst season belongs to Arizona Diamondbacks, with 43 wins and 85 losses, 582 runs scored and 620 against; followed by Texas Rangers, with 44 victories and 82 losing games, 478 runs scored and 627 against.

Baltimore will face Tampa Bay Rays in the next game, which is the best team from the American League East and the conference, with 79 wins. The match will be at home again, on Friday, August 27. According to Bovada, Rays is the favorite to win, with -230 odds.

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