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22Bet Betting Site Review

The betting world has expanded at a huge rate in recent years. With so many different sites to choose from, it can become overwhelming. There are a range of major players such as bet365 and Betfair. And there are even more up and coming sites such as betnumber and multiple others.

Often times people choose the larger sites due to their reputation and security. However, there are other great sites that offer the same if not better levels of customer experience and satisfaction. 22bet is one of those sites.

There are certain criteria that need to be addressed when choosing any sports betting site. All of the major criteria are addressed throughout this article and will show why 22bet truly is a great option.

Licensing and Safety

This is essential when selecting any sports betting site. If any site is not licensed or regulated, this should signal an immediate red flag. 22bet is regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This basically guarantees that the highest levels of security and regulation are adhered to.

Safety should also be at the forefront of sports bettors minds when choosing a site. 22bet offers many features that do not require any transactions at all. These include sports betting tips available for those who are unsure of who to bet on.

This being said, any transactions performed on this site are safe and secure.

Deposits and Withdrawals

For payment methods on the site, there are hardly any that aren’t available! The site is incredibly modern and versatile with the options available. Deposit methods include crypto currency, Visa / MasterCard, bank transfer, E-Vouchers and many more.

The withdrawal methods available are just as extensive. They include all of the methods listed above with at least 5 or 10 more available. Users of the site can make good use of those free betting tips and make a deposit today!

Responsible Gambling

Gambling should always be fun, and people who do gamble should always be in control. It’s all good receiving free tips to make gambling decisions, but players should never lose control.

22bet promotes responsible gambling all over their site. On top of this, there is a dedicated section of the site for those feeling out of control. It is easily accessible and makes players feel secure that the site truly cares for their users.

Customer Support

There’s nothing more frustrating than a technical issue that you can’t find a solution for. At 22bet, this will never be the case. With a dedicated customer support team available 24/7, users of the site can always find the answer they need.

There are many options available to speak with the customer support team. 22bet has an email response service available as well as a 24/7 contact number. Users of the site will never feel the frustration of being unable to find an answer.

Markets and Odds

Besides the incredible range of betting tips available, the selection of markets and odds are huge. 22bet quite literally have every sport you can think of. They have a range of markets available for all major sports, and the odds are highly competitive.

Sports bettors want the highest returns possible when making their bets. And this is exactly what they are going to find at 22bet.

The site doesn’t just offer the mainstream money line markets. They also offer under / over and spread betting for the major sports across the globe. Whether you feel like betting on soccer, tennis, cycling or snooker, 22bet has what you need.

Make use of those free betting tips and jump onto the site to see the range available!

Welcome Bonus

It’s always a great day when you receive a bonus just for signing up! 22bet has welcome bonuses that extend into the hundreds. And if that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, the welcome bonus can be used on any sport that you want to bet on.

Design / Interface

The site truly has one of the slickest designs out there. The site is easy to navigate, and access to the various odds can easily be seen. This doesn’t just apply to the desktop site either. The mobile site is equally as impressive with its modern design and high quality feel.

There’s few things worse than wanting to make a quick bet and finding a site difficult to navigate! Users can be assured that this won’t be an issue with 22bet.

Live Streaming

While the site does not currently offer live streaming, they do offer live scoring with some great graphics. Live events are often accompanied by statistics and even current gameplay lay outs. So despite live streaming being unavailable, bettors can experience the next best thing.

It’s always more enjoyable when you can actually see a game being played out. But there are other factors involved when making in-play sports bets. There is no need to choose a site that offers inferior odds just because they have live streaming services!

Cash Out

This is one of the most exciting features that has been implemented in recent years. Do you cash out to lock in winnings but risk cashing out too soon? Or do you let it ride to try and take home the big bucks?

Whatever you decide, you can be certain that 22bet will be there to facilitate your choice. They have cash out options available across the board!


22bet is a very modern and sophisticated site for sports bettors to enjoy. The range of sports available is unprecedented. And for this reason they cater to an incredibly broad audience.

Players can feel secure that they are using a regulated site. And more importantly, a site which offers some of the most competitive odds on the market.

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